Why Wear A Bra?

Over 3% of North American men wearing bras, many without ever asking why. This article talks about different reasons women and men give for wearing a bra. Interestingly, bra wearing is not a necessity for most women for their breasts’ sake; it is worn for cultural reasons.

A Brief History of Bras.

Before 1900s, there is very little evidence of garments that could be considered bras. In ancient history, there are mentions of a strip of cloth tied under the breasts to support and to reveal them, or strip of cloth tied around the breasts to flatten them.
The corset became popular starting in the 1500s, and its one function was to lift and shape breasts upward. The modern bra with its two separate cups was gradually developed from the corset in the early 20th century, in an attempt to manufacture a more comfortable underwear piece. 
Today, the bra has “evolved” from simple underwear into an actual sexual garment that emphasizes the sexual nature of breasts. This can be readily seen, for example, by the terminology used to advertise bras: enticing, hot, ravishing, seducing, etc. It is no wonder feminists symbolically threw their 1st bras into the trash in the 60s. Even today, going braless is sometimes connected with feminism.

Bras and Breast Cancer Risk.

Bra-wearing has been linked to breast cancer  in a study done by Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer. They found, for example, that women who wore a bra 24 hours a day had a 113-fold increase in breast cancer incidence compared to women who wore bras less than 12 hours daily! They suggest that bras exert enough pressure to the breast and surrounding areas to inhibit the flow of lymph nodes, which then causes toxins and other waste material to remain in the breasts instead of being flushed out.

"Bras For Men"

Should There Be A Problem For Men Wearing Bras or Not?

Men wear bras, so the choice to wear or not to wear a bra is in your hands. Many men are very used to wearing bras, and feel uncomfortable in public with them on. Bras for men are becoming more popular these days as health issues may require men to wear a bra. 
Bra wearing is not going to kill you (or ‘kill’ your breasts) if you follow the simple guideline of giving your breasts free time as much as you can – at home, while sleeping. And, if you wear one, remember to always wear a good fitting bra. It should not leave marks on your shoulders or under your breasts, or feel tight. Find a professional custom made bras. Or order through bras for men and get yourself a custom made bras. Don’t sacrifice your breast health to fashion.

Some Bra Alternatives.

There are many healthy alternatives for dressing bra free (some women prefer the positive term “brafree” rather than “braless” because they say women don’t really need to wear bras).

1. Camisoles are inexpensive, and there is a huge variety at many department stores with variety of fabrics and weights, from silk to cotton.  Some have straps similar to those of a bra, with adjustable clasps, so others may assume that a bra is being worn or that there is a bra under the camisole.  You can find thin and/or cropped camis for summer.

2. Men’s singlet undershirts, also called A-shirts, sleeveless undershirts, etc.  They are inexpensive and comfortable.

3. Vests, similar to those of a man’s 3-piece suit, over a blouse at work to hide breast outline or movement.

4. Shirts with pockets over both breasts; extra fabric layer conceals.

5. Coobie bras, tube tops, and camis are seamless, comfortable products where one size fits nearly everybody.

6. New alternatives include tops with two layers in front and one in back.

7. Loosely fitted tops.

8. Bra tops are supportive and shaping due to a careful cut and stretch cotton/lycra.

9. Leotards work as a bra alternative. The leotard usually has lining like a bust panel which is where the “bra” help comes in.

10. Or simply wear no undergarment depending on weather, confidence, self image, and nature of overgarment.

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